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Welcome to Azeroth

About Us

We are a community built on principal and values. It all started with a group of friends hanging out, playing Deadpoly together and just enjoying what we all love, gaming.
It slowly grew into a much larger group over time, and it continues to grow each day.
We love and appreciate all the support as we continue to grow!


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Server List & Status

All servers are hosted with Savage Lighthouse Server Hosting.

Azeroth Gaming | PvEvP

The Darkzone MC

Help & Support

One thing we're never short on is questions! We get asked so many awesome questions each and every day, we decided to make it super easy for everyone!
We have created a series of guides for our DayZ server. These guides cover a wide variety of things, like how certain complicated mods work. This helps reduce the amount of support tickets we get, ultimately helping you get the answers you're looking for way faster!
If you still need help, you are more than welcome to open a support ticket in Discord!

Support Us!

First and foremost, our community is a registered non profit. All donations and sales income go back into the community!
This helps pay for our website, servers, Discord, and more. Every donation helps us grow, and we offer many ways for you to support the community.

Latest News

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