ATM Machines

Published: Category:DayZ GuideWritten by: FuriousVic

There are ATM’s located at every trader for your convenience.
There are numerous robbable ATM’s throughout the PVP zones. These ATM’s have a spawn chance, so they may or may not spawn after each restart.

Robbing an ATM takes between 30-45 minutes, this can be sped up using different tools (Blowtorch, Crowbar, Hacksaw, Sledgehammer) and you must stay within range of the ATM during this process. You will be given a GUI box in top right corner of your screen, indicating distance from the ATM and how much time is remaining.

Once a player starts robbing an ATM, a server notification will be sent out and the ATM will be marked on the map. You are guaranteed to get between 2M and 10M Rubles.

The money robbed from an ATM is dropped on the ground!

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