Server Basics

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  • Vehicles will de-spawn if left out after 24 hours.
  • Safe zones do not protect your vehicle from de-spawning!!!
  • Territory Flags will protect your base and all your belongings from de-spawning for 7 days. During this 7 days, your flag will get lower and lower, and you will need to raise it back up to extend this protection duration.
  • If the territory flag reaches the bottom, 7 days of no activity, your entire base, and all your belongings will de-spawn!!
  • All territories are required to have a Garage Sign Kit to store vehicles. All vehicles are required to be stored in the garage while you are offline or not using them!
  • We will replace vehicles that were lost due to server glitches or malfunctions, we will not replace vehicles that were lost due to standard intentional mechanics.
  • If you store your entire life inside your vehicle, and you lose the vehicle due to a server related glitch or malfunction, we will only replace the vehicle. There is a reason for bases.
  • It is up to you to protect your stuff. Keep vehicles locked, and secure your base so no one can get in. If someone steals from you, and we catch them, we will remove them from the server, however, we will not replace your stolen items.
  • Server runs a backup & restarts every 6 hours starting at midnight eastern time.
  • Admins will not accept your friend request on Discord or Steam. Please do not request it.
  • Please do not private message the admins on Discord. We have Discord for game related discussion and questions, and we have a support ticket system for problem solving.
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