Major Update

Published: Category:DayZ Server Update | PvEvPWritten by: FuriousVic

The Darkzone has arrived!
What’s The Darkzone, you ask? It’s a lawless, uncompromising, PvP loot heaven! Loot in the Darkzone is far beyond that of any other area on the map, boasting numerous buildings, wrecked vehicles, bunker rooms, tents, and more!

How do you get there?
The Darkzone is located on the island in the South East corner of the map. There is an enormous bridge leading to the island, so you can walk or drive there. There are also numerous low spots where you can beach a boat, or you can swim there. There is plenty of open space for landing a helicopter of all sizes as well.

Extraction Points
The Darkzone features new extraction points, where you instantly teleport from to Green Mountain trader. It’s the fastest and safest way to get off the island, and back to safety to sell all your spoils. You will however need a Spawn Ticket to use them. These can be purchased from the license trader.

Some pictures.

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