Bitcoin Mining

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– Types of Mining Rigs –

Sky Mining Rig
This would be considered Tier 1 of the mining rigs.
This rig requires the Grey colored “Rig-Kit” from the trader, and 4 GPUs. You simply place the rig kit on the ground, use a screwdriver to put it together, add your GPUs, connect power, and you’re ready to go!
This rig will yield approximately 3-4 Bitcoin per hour. This rig does not have a server rack of any kind to be able to stack them. As an added bonus, you can use a USB drive to automatically collect mined Bitcoins from the rig, to enable passive mining.

Bitcoin Mining Rig
This is considered top tier, best of the best. This rig is far more complicated to setup than the others, but it will yield approximately 6-8 Bitcoin per hour, with the use of a USB drive for that, oh so sweet, passive mining.
To set this rig up, you will need the following:
(1) Rig-Kit (Black)
(1) Heatsink
(1) Fanbar
(6) Fans
(10) GPU
(2) PSU
(1) USB Drive

Using this rig will damage the PSUs & GPUs. They will need to be replaced over time, as they are not repairable.
To set this rig up, place the rig kit, use a screwdriver to build it, then add your parts, GPUs, PSUs, Fanbar, Fans, Heatsink, and USB. Then simply connect power and you’re ready to go!

– GPU Tiers –
Low End Cards
1080, 2000d, Unnamed GPU, GPU, and 2080 ti.
Mid Range Cards
Nvidia Pro Black, Nvidia Pro Red, Nvidia Pro White, 3060 ti, and 3080.
High End Cards
4090, Titan RTX, MSI 3080, and RTX 6900.

– Blackmarket Trader –
The Bitcoin trader is located at the Blackmarket Trader in Tisy, marked on your map as, “Blackmarket Trader,” there is no ATM there either. With great risk, comes great reward! Drugs and Bitcoin sell for twice as much at this trader than the one in the safezone.
You can find the Tarkov Collectables trader here as well. You’ll find these collectable items all over the map, so make sure you pick them up, some of them are worth a lot of money!

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