Updates / Changes

Published: Category:DayZ Server Update | PvEvPWritten by: FuriousVic
  • New bitcoin trader in Altar. Price of Bitcoin will be 50% of the price at PvP trader.
  • The no camping in the Darkzone castle rule is gone.
    The Darkzone is returning to its original intent, a lawless, rule free zone for the pure pvp enthusiasts. We do however ask that player do not abuse the 3rd person camera of vehicles still. If you are actively driving and maneuvering, that is fine.
  • King of the Hill (KOTH) has been added and is active. (Requires 10 players for events to start.)
    Rewards for these PvP events include high value collectables, full gear sets of both MMG and Renegade, “1 Tapper” Sniper rifle kits, a Renegade FAL, and more!
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