Updates & Changes

Published: Category:DayZ Server Update | PvEvPWritten by: FuriousVic
  • Loot tables have been re-worked.
    We are always striving to get better and better loot tables, and more guns in the hands of players!
  • Horde Boss has been buffed. He is more resistant to bullets and now moves even faster.
    His sub zombies have also received a buff.
  • Spawn gear has been updated.
    SNAFU & Rev gear is officially out of circulation. It is still available to use until next wipe.

We have some very big things coming next wipe. I’ve been working on several mods and some major changes. We are very excited for what;s to come!
New mods, new content, and a whole new look!

Stay tuned folks, lots of things coming.

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