Wipe Day Updates!

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So here we are, we finally made it to wipe day. We’ve got some big changes going down. I’ll see if I can get through everything here.

Azeroth welcomes, Deer Isle!


  • Removed loot chests, custom key cards, custom key carded areas, Snafu, and Rev Weapons.
  • Updated AzerothServerpack1, AzerothServerpack2, and AzerothServerpack3.
  • Serverpack1 – Installed lots of new LB Master mods including a new rules quiz! This quiz pops up the server rules for every new player to read through. All players are required to accept the rules and pass the quiz.
    If a player does not pass the quiz, you will not be able to perform basic functions in the game, such as eating, drinking, starting a car, etc. So make sure you read the rules!
    We are also introducing Item Restrictions! Item restrictions will restrict the number of certain items a group or player can place, and how many of said items you can have per territory flag. This is a huge help to make sure everyone has the correct amount of bitcoin rigs and greenhouses!
    We are also adding the in game Leader-board, check your control settings to find the key bind.
  • Serverpack2 – Removed creatures mod.
  • Serverpack3 – Updated some of the code for the weapons we have.
  • New map! – Deer Isle. I went through endless days of work to build the entire map. New central trader, new fishing traders, new safe zone teleport signs, new ATM’s to rob, and a crap load of new insane loot spots!
  • Re-worked the loot tables to increase weapons spawns, and even added a small chance for the insane over powered weapons to spawn.
  • Removed the player count restrictions from KOTH & Care packages, and re-worked the loot tables for both!
  • Horde boss is still a pain in the ass, but he drops extremely high tiered loot, and he is the only way you can get the new key cards to the new mega bunkers!

I hope you all enjoy what we’ve done, I’m sure I’m missing some stuff here. I was able to get all the changes and updates done a few days early from wipe day, so I figured I’ll wipe it now, and give everyone the weekend to enjoy the new map.

Love and appreciate everyone for all the support, patience, and continued time you spend with us!

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