How to Update DayZ Mods

Published: Category:DayZ GuideWritten by: FuriousVic

It can sometimes be a bit complicated to get back on the server once a mod has been updated, here is a guide to help ease the pains of playing modded DayZ!

Follow our Discord channel: dayz-mod-updates. Here you will see when a mod has been updated.

  • Step 1 – Close down all applications & games that are running through Steam. If you have anything open, Steam will NOT download updates for anything.
  • Step 2 – Navigate to DayZ in you Steam library, and then click on the Workshop tab.
  • Step 3 – Type the name of the mod that needs an update in the search box and hit enter.
  • Step 4 – Find the mod, click the unsubscribe button, and then click the button again to resubscribe to the mod. This will force Steam to start downloading the updated version.

    Once the download is done, launch DayZ, and connect to the server!
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