– Next Major Update –

Published: Category:DayZ Server Update | PvEvPWritten by: FuriousVic

We have the next server wipe on the schedule!
Wipe is scheduled for 02/16/2024 @06:00 restart.

– We will be moving back to Chernarus!
– We will be phasing out base building and vanilla building take overs, and moving to a real estate mod where you buy houses instead. This will significantly reduce the amount of lag on the server.
These bought houses have built in storage, upgrades, security systems.
– Base raiding for houses in PVP zones will be enabled, for those players that wish to engage in more in depth PVP.
– Houses located in PVE areas of the map will not be raid-able, so no need to worry.
– There will be only two PVP zones on the entire map. One very large on covering Tisy and NWAF, and one covering Bunker Island.
– Zombies are going to be in much bigger packs, giving the map a truly overrun feel in major cities. Smaller towns and villages will not be affected.
– A complete rework of the loot tables to fine tune weapons spawns to specific areas.
– The market/economy is being reworked to increase play-ability and longevity of time in the game. This will help retain players and make end game items a goal to work toward.
– Black Market is being reworked to add more trader items at discounted prices.
– Some previously non-spawn enabled guns will spawn in, in very specific areas.

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