– March 2024 – Major Update –

Published: Category:DayZ Server Update | PvEvPWritten by: FuriousVic

It’s time for our next major update! No wipe needed !!
In this update we will be revamping our housing system, making MMG gear better, and adding a daily reward system!

– Added the hunting cabin to the base trader ($5,000)
The hunting cabin kit is purchasable from the trader, and requires building materials to build it.
It will require 99 nails, 80 Planks, 50 logs, and 32 stone. (Don’t put more in than what is needed. It bugs out and you loose resources.) This is a one room cabin that can be locked with a codelock. The cabin features plenty of space, a porch, and working windows. (Do not leave them open, you can climb through them!)
These will be restricted to two per group. We’ll see how they do with creating lag, and make adjustments down the road if needed.

– Made the cost of all purchasable vanilla buildings $200,000,000. This will prevent anyone from buying more houses as we begin to phase out the system all together. Thew sale price will remain the same as when you purchased it prior. So you will be able to get a cabin, get it built, move in, and then sell your house for what you paid for it.

– Upgraded the MMG gear to hold more storage space. We weren’t going to leave you with the basics. It’s no where near the amount of storage you’d have with Renegade, but it’s better than the base values, and still holds true to a semi-realistic feel.

– Added a reward based system where rewards can be collected daily, based on your activity. These will be a lottery style rewards where you will get a set of items, based on the level reward you chose. This system also features a way for us to reward our VIP members with premium rewards!
(This system is currently installed, but the rewards are default. The rewards you may see in the system are not what will be there. I will be working on it this weekend to customize the rewards. Don’t complain about the shit loot in the system, it’s not done…)

– Removed the Go-Kart from the trader. We’re tired of deleting them, and finding dozens of them abandoned around the map, mostly in PVP zones. They’re meant to be for fun, not your personal throw away vehicle.

– Updated some prices in the trader for different items, nothing major or detrimental.

– Updated the sleeping bags. These will now be used to respawn at your base, so they will no longer be used as tactical respawns, and must be placed near a territory flag.

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