Azeroth Gaming

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- Founders -

Founded the discord that started this journey many moons ago.
We all met playing on Skylr's Deadpoly server, and our friendship simply grew from there.
We spent endless hours on that server, and many other adventures, to building this community together.
Skylr is an amazingly kind person with a giant heart, and a true passion for gaming.
Also, his customer service skills are outta site!

iFrantic & FuriousVic:
These two go together like gasoline and oil. They mix well for certain engines, but can still be explosive!
Frantic and Vic have been online and real life friends for over a decade. It all started in The Division of all places!
iFrantic tries to be a badass, but deep down, he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!
He's an amazing father, husband, and a great friend to have on your side.

I can't write my own. I'm biases and far superior than the rest. haha
<3 -Vic