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Server Updates | PvEvP

– VIP Package Updates & Changes –

By FuriousVic | April 29, 2024

We’ve made significant changes to our VIP packages.
Anyone who is currently subscribed to our previous packages will need to cancel their subscription and subscribe to the new package.
If you were recently charged for a current subscription, please open a support ticket and we will create you a custom one time credit coupon for your first month on the new package.
The new package comes with plethora of perks and benefits, however, we no longer offer vehicles.

Make sure to check out the package for more information: HERE!

To cancel a subscription, visit our website, in the top right corner click on ‘Account.’ and log in.
Once logged in, on the right side, you’ll see “manage subscriptions.” Click this and select the subscription you wish to cancel.

– March 2024 – Major Update –

By FuriousVic | March 16, 2024

It’s time for our next major update! No wipe needed !!
In this update we will be revamping our housing system, making MMG gear better, and adding a daily reward system!

– Added the hunting cabin to the base trader ($5,000)
The hunting cabin kit is purchasable from the trader, and requires building materials to build it.
It will require 99 nails, 80 Planks, 50 logs, and 32 stone. (Don’t put more in than what is needed. It bugs out and you loose resources.) This is a one room cabin that can be locked with a codelock. The cabin features plenty of space, a porch, and working windows. (Do not leave them open, you can climb through them!)
These will be restricted to two per group. We’ll see how they do with creating lag, and make adjustments down the road if needed.

– Made the cost of all purchasable vanilla buildings $200,000,000. This will prevent anyone from buying more houses as we begin to phase out the system all together. Thew sale price will remain the same as when you purchased it prior. So you will be able to get a cabin, get it built, move in, and then sell your house for what you paid for it.

– Upgraded the MMG gear to hold more storage space. We weren’t going to leave you with the basics. It’s no where near the amount of storage you’d have with Renegade, but it’s better than the base values, and still holds true to a semi-realistic feel.

– Added a reward based system where rewards can be collected daily, based on your activity. These will be a lottery style rewards where you will get a set of items, based on the level reward you chose. This system also features a way for us to reward our VIP members with premium rewards!
(This system is currently installed, but the rewards are default. The rewards you may see in the system are not what will be there. I will be working on it this weekend to customize the rewards. Don’t complain about the shit loot in the system, it’s not done…)

– Removed the Go-Kart from the trader. We’re tired of deleting them, and finding dozens of them abandoned around the map, mostly in PVP zones. They’re meant to be for fun, not your personal throw away vehicle.

– Updated some prices in the trader for different items, nothing major or detrimental.

– Updated the sleeping bags. These will now be used to respawn at your base, so they will no longer be used as tactical respawns, and must be placed near a territory flag.

– Next Major Update –

By FuriousVic | February 7, 2024

We have the next server wipe on the schedule!
Wipe is scheduled for 02/16/2024 @06:00 restart.

– We will be moving back to Chernarus!
– We will be phasing out base building and vanilla building take overs, and moving to a real estate mod where you buy houses instead. This will significantly reduce the amount of lag on the server.
These bought houses have built in storage, upgrades, security systems.
– Base raiding for houses in PVP zones will be enabled, for those players that wish to engage in more in depth PVP.
– Houses located in PVE areas of the map will not be raid-able, so no need to worry.
– There will be only two PVP zones on the entire map. One very large on covering Tisy and NWAF, and one covering Bunker Island.
– Zombies are going to be in much bigger packs, giving the map a truly overrun feel in major cities. Smaller towns and villages will not be affected.
– A complete rework of the loot tables to fine tune weapons spawns to specific areas.
– The market/economy is being reworked to increase play-ability and longevity of time in the game. This will help retain players and make end game items a goal to work toward.
– Black Market is being reworked to add more trader items at discounted prices.
– Some previously non-spawn enabled guns will spawn in, in very specific areas.

Vehicle Updates & Changes

By FuriousVic | November 28, 2023

Due to several updates from our trader mod that just don’t seem to be coming, and the numerous annoyances that we have to deal with for vehicles being deployed and falling through the map, we are simply doing away with it.

Vehicles will now be purchasable and sell-able from the parking garages at trader. This means, when you buy a vehicle, the money will automatically be deducted from your bank account, and the vehicle will be placed in your garage.
You can also sell vehicles back through the same garage menu. No more receipts, no more packing and unpacking of vehicles.

Other Updates

  • Removed the ability to pack and unpack vehicles outside a safezone.
  • Removed the packing wrench from trader. (If you have one still, get rid of it.) These are useless now.
  • Removed all the old vehicle vending machines.
  • Changed all the boat vending machines to vehicle parts vending machines, so players will be able to buy a carlock at the fishing/boat piers for when they buy a boat using the garages there.

I have also added every single vehicle we have to offer to the garages for purchase.

— Our Server has Moved —

By FuriousVic | November 19, 2023

We have officially moved the DayZ to our own in house server machine!
This will unfortunately make the server you know and love appear offline, and you will need to find it again.

To find the server again, simply open the DayZ launcher from Steam, navigate to Servers, and click the COMMUNITY tab. Type Azeroth in the search box and hit enter. This will take a few minutes, but at some point the new server will show up, now you can favorite it!
Alternatively, you can search by IP address (

Wipe Day Updates!

By FuriousVic | October 28, 2023

So here we are, we finally made it to wipe day. We’ve got some big changes going down. I’ll see if I can get through everything here.

Azeroth welcomes, Deer Isle!


  • Removed loot chests, custom key cards, custom key carded areas, Snafu, and Rev Weapons.
  • Updated AzerothServerpack1, AzerothServerpack2, and AzerothServerpack3.
  • Serverpack1 – Installed lots of new LB Master mods including a new rules quiz! This quiz pops up the server rules for every new player to read through. All players are required to accept the rules and pass the quiz.
    If a player does not pass the quiz, you will not be able to perform basic functions in the game, such as eating, drinking, starting a car, etc. So make sure you read the rules!
    We are also introducing Item Restrictions! Item restrictions will restrict the number of certain items a group or player can place, and how many of said items you can have per territory flag. This is a huge help to make sure everyone has the correct amount of bitcoin rigs and greenhouses!
    We are also adding the in game Leader-board, check your control settings to find the key bind.
  • Serverpack2 – Removed creatures mod.
  • Serverpack3 – Updated some of the code for the weapons we have.
  • New map! – Deer Isle. I went through endless days of work to build the entire map. New central trader, new fishing traders, new safe zone teleport signs, new ATM’s to rob, and a crap load of new insane loot spots!
  • Re-worked the loot tables to increase weapons spawns, and even added a small chance for the insane over powered weapons to spawn.
  • Removed the player count restrictions from KOTH & Care packages, and re-worked the loot tables for both!
  • Horde boss is still a pain in the ass, but he drops extremely high tiered loot, and he is the only way you can get the new key cards to the new mega bunkers!

I hope you all enjoy what we’ve done, I’m sure I’m missing some stuff here. I was able to get all the changes and updates done a few days early from wipe day, so I figured I’ll wipe it now, and give everyone the weekend to enjoy the new map.

Love and appreciate everyone for all the support, patience, and continued time you spend with us!

Don’t forget to jump on the giveaway in discord, it ends on 11/01/23!!!

Minor Update & Hotfix

By FuriousVic | October 27, 2023

I did a couple updates today.
– Removed creatures from the server.
– Re-worked the code for the ULR to fix the loading issue.

Updates & Changes

By FuriousVic | October 14, 2023
  • Loot tables have been re-worked.
    We are always striving to get better and better loot tables, and more guns in the hands of players!
  • Horde Boss has been buffed. He is more resistant to bullets and now moves even faster.
    His sub zombies have also received a buff.
  • Spawn gear has been updated.
    SNAFU & Rev gear is officially out of circulation. It is still available to use until next wipe.

We have some very big things coming next wipe. I’ve been working on several mods and some major changes. We are very excited for what;s to come!
New mods, new content, and a whole new look!

Stay tuned folks, lots of things coming.

Updates & More!

By FuriousVic | September 14, 2023

First and foremost, we will be wiping the server every 60 days.
The next wipe is scheduled for 11/01/2023.

– Snafu & Rev guns are being phased out.
These guns will NOT be removed from the server until the next scheduled wipe!
– New weapons have been added and installed. Any bugs or glitches, please open a support ticket so we can get them fixed.
– New weapons will be added to KOTH, Key-carded area Loot chests, and Care packages 09/16.
– More unreleased vehicles scheduled to be added 09/23.

Next Restart – 09/15/2023 00:01 Eastern
– Fixed M110 magazine not re-loadable.

Bullying / Toxic Behavior
Bullying and toxic behavior toward other players will not be tolerated. Smack talking pvp is acceptable to a degree. There will be absolutely no putting other players down, insulting them, or name calling. We are all here to have fun and enjoy gaming in our own way. It is none of anyone’s business how someone else chooses to enjoy their game. If you don’t like what someone is doing, or how someone is playing, open a support ticket and talk to an admin and we will deal with it.
Anyone bullying, belittling , putting someone down, or vulgar name calling will be met with a ban. We do not accept or tolerate toxic behavior of any kind. If you see someone acting this way, immediately open a support ticket so we can deal with it as quickly as possible.

Updates / Changes

By FuriousVic | August 31, 2023
  • New bitcoin trader in Altar. Price of Bitcoin will be 50% of the price at PvP trader.
  • The no camping in the Darkzone castle rule is gone.
    The Darkzone is returning to its original intent, a lawless, rule free zone for the pure pvp enthusiasts. We do however ask that player do not abuse the 3rd person camera of vehicles still. If you are actively driving and maneuvering, that is fine.
  • King of the Hill (KOTH) has been added and is active. (Requires 10 players for events to start.)
    Rewards for these PvP events include high value collectables, full gear sets of both MMG and Renegade, “1 Tapper” Sniper rifle kits, a Renegade FAL, and more!